Month: February 2021

The Best Destination In Greece For Food Lovers

Traveling to exotic destinations has always been a fun and exciting way to make up for the time you have to spend at work and school. Most would go for places that are deemed extremely luxurious, but some prefer simple but relaxing outdoor activities. For those who want to try something new and are also foodies by heart, they can go for both – but that means visiting a country known for its exquisite views, spectacular sightseeing and amazing food.

The land of gods

Known as the land where gods have stood before men who waited for it to be conquered, Greece is widely known for its tourist attraction. Being popular for its places that are known for as tourist haven, food lovers would be happier to know that not all about this country are the views and sceneries, but also its gastronomic center point. Olive oil, one of its strongest areas, this country has evolved its cuisine based on what nature has to offer for them.

Places for gastronomy adventures

If you are in this beautiful and wondrous place, never forget how their culinary artistry made its way into one of the contemporaries. Here are the top places to visit when your stomach calls for it.

  • Crete – known for its earthy and traditional preparation, this place offers a variety of food products that ranges from herbs to cheeses and citrus with meat.
  • Athens – when you want to go for the usual dash and dine set up, this is the place to be. Although not known for its traditional dishes, the large capital area offers places for street food and tavern lovers
  • Thessaloniki – a place where you can relax and dine with traditional dishes and enjoy the scenic view of the sea
  • Naxos – a small place but big in food indulgence, this is the best spot to try local dishes typical to coastal regions of Greece. When you find yourself near mountainous area, a lamb dish with cheese appetizers might make the menu.
  • Mykonos – while traditional dishes abound here, what sets this place apart is the abundance of luxurious international restaurants.
  • Santorini – no one would forget how this place became a staple household name for travelers. The volcanic activity makes the produce taste exquisite and wonderful.

The secret to discovering the place is to ask local guides about where to go for they have the best ideas and where to dine.

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