Where To Travel – And What To Eat – In Tuscany

Tuscany is a beautiful place, and it has made a major impact on Italian and European culture. Cities filled with mesmerizing art, villages with fine tasting wine, truffle fields and olive groves, and powerhouses in the fashion industry; these are the well-known highlights of this wonderful region.

But the central role of this region will always be the birthplace to the Renaissance. If a glorious walk to history and enjoying leisure like no other, then this place should be on the top spot on the list of next travel destinations.

What to Do When Travelling to Such a Beautiful Region

There are a lot of things to do in Tuscany and it includes the following:

  • Take an enjoyable stroll in the vineyards at the Tenuta dell’Ornellaia estate found within the coastal region of Maremma. While in this beauty, finish it off with a taste of its Merlot Masseto
  • Appreciate also the Masaccio frescoes of Adam and Eve that is almost 700 years old. It can be admired within the 14th century Brancacci chapel in Santa Maria del Carmine church in Florence
  • To have a taste of the rare Bistecca alla Fiorentina that can be found in the famous butcher cum tavern Antica Macelleria Cecchini in Chianti. Make sure to have it with a glass of their local red.
  • A tourist must also never miss the chance to have a glance of the very famous Leaning Tower in Pisa.

Local Dishes While Travelling

Aside from the Renaissance vibes and medieval cities and hill towns, there are also iconic museums and world class landscapes along with the famous wines. But this beloved region is not limited to sightseeing, a tourist will also get to enjoy local cuisines. As the region is known for its variety, so is its dishes. The geographic areas and provinces lay claim to a certain local specialty. There are dishes that are seasonal and mostly land based, that can be somewhat compared to the beauty of its terrain and beautiful history.

The following are just some of the dishes to try when in this region for a travel:

  • Ribollita – this is a warm bowl of this region’s comfort food which directly translates to as reboiled. This soup is a combination of different vegetables, which always includes kale, beans and stale bread.
  • Bistecca alla Fiorentina – the Tuscan counterpart of a T bone steak is this Bistecca alla Fiorentina which is a cut of the regional beef of Chianina grilled and served very rare. It is eaten with no other condiments other than salt and olive oil and serving it well done is highly discouraged.
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