To truly experience a city you have to walk the streets. No tour buses, no taxis, no wheels. We’re talking foot to pavement through the hustle and bustle.

Walking through the streets provides flexibility. Pass by a weird alley? Walk through it – you might find your favorite bar in the world. See a colorful building around the corner? Check it out, there could be an entire neighborhood painted just for you. Get lost? Good. That’s the perfect time to experience something new.

SHC Travel Management is your best partner in every adventure. It was founded in 2019 when we realized travel sites focused on a few things: budget travel, seeing major cities, and luxury travel. These are all fantastic topics and we have our go-to sites for advice, but most lack a real feet-on-the-ground itinerary.  We are built for people who grab that flight deal and show up without plans. These are the true adventurers, the legit thrill-seekers and the real road warriors.

Stick with us and experience the best culture of each city, directly from the street view.

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