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The Best Travel Destinations For Foodies

Travel is one of the best ways to relieve stress. A great meal is another terrific way to ease the stress of a difficult day. But why not have both?

Travel to amazing destinations where food is one of the main attractions. And this has been becoming the trend recently. There are countless cities and villages that serve different kinds of dishes, the more different the dish is, the better. So to foodies out there, get out and enjoy the world while enjoying the different foods this world has to offer.

Top Places to Consider On the Next Travel

The following are amazing places that also serve amazing food so on the next travel destination consider:

  • Barcelona, Spain –  among the most favorite food for most is the tapas and the best place to go to have the best tapas is in Barcelona. Restaurants can offer very reasonably priced high quality small portions. A variety of restaurants are present so tourists and foodies alike can go tapas hopping while enjoying the sights.
  • Istria, Croatia – Croatia may not be one of the most famous places to travel to, but any food lover would appreciate going here. The top culinary scene can be considered highly diverse, considering the colorful history of the country. The most traditional foods include meat, cheese, fruity spirits, and noodles. Istria can be found between Slovenia and Italy and will offer traditional dishes to tourists. Because of its location also, one can also appreciate the seafood being served there.
  • San Francisco, California, USA – San Francisco has been long known for its exquisite cuisine so travelers can expect much in this city by the bay. Farm fresh produce, local wines and organic dishes can be experienced here. The quality ingredients is one of its most distinct feature along with all the creative ideas behind it. But before visiting this beautiful city, be reminded that the delicacies here may come with a price.
  • Dominica, Caribbean – of the many Caribbean islands, try to list down Dominica as a future destination. The beach culture may not be the same as its neighbors, but everyone can expect a very beautiful view with sea caves, volcanoes, rivers, and cliffs. Local foods include tropical fruits like pineapples and guava that are grown on the island. Sea food is also a main attraction given the geography of the place. One can also expect local dishes that include plantains, yams and curries.
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