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The Best Place To Experience French Cuisine? Paris, Of Course

The foods best-known in every country and every region of the world are really dictated by their neighbors as much as their own native preferences. French cuisine is no different; it’s – in part – a combination of foods and tastes from surrounding regions such as Germany, Belgium and Switzerland, accented by the nation’s abundant produce from the long Atlantic coastline and the fertile farms inland. Add the distinctly French palate, and you have some of the finest dishes in the world.

Play for gastronomists

Apart from almost distinguishable aspect of French food, many food lovers would love to go to various extents just to insure they have the grasp of what makes French cuisine, French. Of all the places, none other than Paris is hailed as the main stage to experience what this cuisine is all about. It is undeniable for the fact that this place is the capital city of France and attracts many tourists each year. Foodies would love to see how the French gourmands would offer their delicacy in a way that separates French cuisine from the rest of the world.

What to expect

In terms of the key player in food from France, cheese and wine are the major actors of the field. They play different roles regionally and nationally with variations deem fit from a regulatory standpoint. The food is served in three parts and they are the:

  • Hors d’oeuvre – the appetizer of the meal setting the palate and the tongue for what is yet to come making the major food more appealing and appetizing once served
  • Principal – The main course. The meat and the gem of the table. It is the food that is often made with care for this fills in the expectation of the eater.
  • Bread and desserts – the afterthought but completes the meal by lightening up the meal and bridges the thought of the whole concept of the meal

Popular food for food lovers

As a major cuisine, French cuisines have involved in Paris in a way that appeals international palate. Foods such as escargot, foie gras and macaroons have made their names into popular food from France and can be available internationally. Not only that, crepes, mouse, crème brulees, pastries, meat sandwiches, salmon and bisques form a major French contemporary hot pursuit for those who love to taste international dishes and distinguish them for reviews and experience.

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